Finding your killer instinct.

This is a tough one, you see most girls don't have that male killer instinct, don't be fooled I will tap you out if I see the chance. But I personally think its something that most girls have to work up for. I know I definitely have to work towards it, I'm not a naturally aggressive… Continue reading Finding your killer instinct.


The path to a dream.

More than a post, this is a letter to you, my reader: It all starts with an idea, an infectious idea that spreads in your head, transforming into a dream, but how much should we pursue those dreams? I myself am a big dream chaser, I truly believe that life is out there and you… Continue reading The path to a dream.

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Packing for training Muay Thai in Thailand (Womens edition).

Hi girls! So every day I get more and more questions about my training in Thailand and I love giving you the scoop because when I decided to start that journey all my research came from amazing blogs! I'm not gonna lie I am planing on going back but don't know exactly when that might… Continue reading Packing for training Muay Thai in Thailand (Womens edition).


Muay Thai tips for Newbies.

Are you a newbie? Are you nervous? Dont worry its all part of the experience, remember your first day of class when you where afraid of doing something stupid? Or not knowing who your class mates would be or if they would like you or not? As the Thai would say: same same, but different. It's… Continue reading Muay Thai tips for Newbies.


My mma New years resolutions…

As the year comes to an end I reflect on what I expect from this coming year, what I'm willing to give for my training and how my MMA future looks like, at 28 I feel its now or never, but before I can think about the future I can only say It was a… Continue reading My mma New years resolutions…